Top Apps for Better Financial Management


The best financial management app is helpful if you want to keep your finances controlled. It cannot be denied that the presence of smartphones can make life easier. With a smartphone, now you can integrate a variety of fields, both in terms of work and financial management, into your hands. Though the use of smartphones has expanded when it comes to functions, which is basically created to communicate wireless over long distances, now you can use a smartphone for various activities through apps, including managing your finances.

For those of you who are looking for the best budget planner app, here are some recommendations for you.

Money Lover

If you want to manage your finances, starting from recording your daily expenses, Money Lover is a great option. This app is easy to use, making it the best way to manage money. Besides taking notes of your daily expenses, you can also classify them based on categories. Such as food, transportation, medications, and so on. You can also use Money Lover as a tool to create a budget, record your income, and analyze the greatest expense by category.

Some features available in this app include savings, budgeting, and events that function to organize your monthly expense for various needs. From eating, transportation, to entertainment. With Money Lover, you can practically control your expenses without having to spend more money on paper or books.

Money Lover is available in both free and premium versions. The premium version offers some features that you cannot find in the free version. You can download this best financial management app via Google Play Store, App Store, iTunes, and also Windows Store.


The next budgeting and financial management app is AndroMoney. This app is pretty popular so that you probably have heard about it at least once. As a financial management application, AndroMoney is quite complete. It offers many features that can help you to manage your finances. Besides complete features, it also has a simple, minimalist interface. So, you will not get dizzy seeing a lot of numbers when using this app.

AndroMoney can track your income and expenses in a detailed, simple display. This app will display a detailed custom budget, graphic showing your expenses, and storage capacity via Google Docs and Dropbox. Moreover, it can also help you to determine a budget for traveling, furniture needs, gadget needs, household needs, and even clothes shopping. This app is available for both Android and iOS.


If you are searching for the best personal budget app that is simple yet eye-catchy, you can choose Monefy. You know, simplicity is important when it comes to financial management applications, since you will see a bunch of numbers. It is already complicated to manage your finances, so you surely do not want to use a complicated app. Monefy has a few categories that you can use to organize your budget. An effective, simple interface is the strength of this app.

You just need to enter the amount of funds, then choose the right category according to your needs. This app offers ease for managing your finances every day. This is why this app is also suitable for money management for teens. Monefy is available for both Android and iOS users.

Cash Droid

The next best financial management app free is Cash Droid. Cash Droid shows personal finance charts. The developer of this app claimed that it is the most recommended financial management application compared to other similar apps. It is because the graphical display on Cash Droid will analyze your finance and imported CSV files on the Cash Droid Pro version. Quite similar to AndroMoney, Cash Droid can also categorize your income and expenses.

For example, your main income is from your salary. Then, you can categorize your expenses based on certain categories, such as insurance, bills, transportation, and so on.


Financisto is a multi-account application that can organize finances in various currencies. This app can help you to simply see how good or how bad your financial cycle is right now. If your financial cycle is not really good, it can help you to improve it. With this application, you can immediately record any kind of income and expense every day. So, if you are confused about how your money suddenly increases or decreases, you can track it through Financisto.

When you track down your expenses, this app will display them, complete with the date of transactions. As you can see, this app will make it easier for you to monitor your finances and managing small business finances. You can download this financial management tool on Google Play Store and App Store.

Financial Calculators

Not only for managing budgets, but Financial Calculators is also a helpful app for managing finances. This best financial management app iOS offers several useful features, such as Commercial Loan Calculator, Auto Lease Calculator, Return on Investment, Auto Loan, and many more. With Financial Calculators, you will be able to determine which one is more efficient for your finance between buying or renting something.

This financial application also helps you to understand compound interest rates and helps you to be more consistent once you have set a goal. For example, realizing your dream of owning your own house. Besides for iOS users, Android users can also download this expense tracker app iPhone.


Mint is an app that can refresh your financial cycle. Mint is a multi-account app, meaning that you can create several accounts in one smartphone. This app can help you to categorize your expenses, remind you to pay bills, and track your financial goals as well. Moreover, it is also able to effectively do credit scoring. Mint is a useful app when it comes to arranging budgets so that it will not exceed your income.

For instance, when you spend money for food, record it in Food and Dining. When you are clubbing with your friends, record your expenses in Alcohol and Bars. This way, you can see where your money goes the most. Find this best financial management app on Google Play Store and App Store.