Instagram Accounts to Follow for Business Inspiration


IDNBC.COM - The business world offers to use with so many opportunities but sometimes we can be lost easily in this vast world. 

That is why we need the business inspiration intake which can help users develop ourselves as well as our business to the next level. 

The inspiration about business surely can be found easily on Instagram. 

Here are several Instagram accounts that we can follow if we want to get some inspiration about business.

Startup Creative for Business Inspiration

Startup Creative is a quarterly magazine founded by Kaylene Langford. 

We can find many entrepreneurs from all around the world featured in the magazine. 

We can get inspiration from the featured entrepreneurs and freelancers stories about their way to reach their success. 

The biggest reason why we need to follow this Instagram account is that it will give us the advice needed for business development that will focus on us.

Instagram for Business for Business Inspiration

Instagram is no longer about a personal matter. 

Instagram has made it possible for the business to bring better benefits of this social media platform for the business. 

We can use Instagram for Business for helping users with our business branding and marketing. 

So, why do we not follow the account for Business as well? It is the account of the mind behind Instagram for Business that offers marketing opportunities without distraction for our companies. 

By following the account, we will be able to get a better understanding of the features of innovative businesses.

Sir Richard Branson for Business Inspiration

Everyone in the business world must be familiar with Sir Richard Branson. 

He has become a business inspiration for many people and that must be the biggest reason why we need to follow his Instagram account. 

He is well-known to the Virgin Group that he founded. 

Nevertheless, he is also known as Dr. Yes. One of his business philosophies is for focusing on socially conscious actions. 

We can see a piece of his life as a successful businessman on this Instagram account.

Melyssa Griffin for Business Inspiration

Melyssa Griffin is the creator of the podcast called the Pursuit with Purpose. 

On her podcast, she helps the entrepreneurs to build their business with fun but she will lead them to focus on the positive mindset at the same time. 

A positive mindset must be needed by entrepreneurs to keep consistent with our business for sure. 

Besides listening to her podcast, we can also follow her Instagram account where we can find her educational products that will be useful for helping entrepreneurs not only growing our business but also our online impact.

Harvard Business Review for Business Inspiration

Even the magazine has its own Instagram account. 

We should follow the Harvard Business Review Instagram account if we want to find business inspiration that will help us develop our brand. 

Harvard Business Review is the official magazine of Harvard Business School. 

This can be a great source for accessing practical advice for workplace relationships. 

We will get the contents that will provoke our thought not only about leadership but also about life in the workplace.