Benefits of Instagram Stories for Business Branding

IDNBC.COM - Instagram changes the business world a lot. Instagram makes it easier for people to sell their brands. Even small businesses can utilize Instagram for starting or even improving the business further. Yes, it is essential to use Instagram for business branding. 

However, many people might think that it means posting on Instagram feed. Instagram feed is essential but people must not forget that they should also use Instagram stories as well. We do not want to miss several benefits for our business brand by using Instagram stories.

Display on Top for Business Branding

Because Instagram is used widely by many people, we need to make sure that our brand can be noticed often by our target audience. 

This is something that can be done easily by Instagram stories. 

There is no doubt about it because the update of Instagram stories will be displayed on the top of Instagram plage right under the title. 

This is where we can get attention easily from the audience. 

More often we post our Instagram stories, our brand will be noticed better by our audience.

BTS Content for Business Branding

Because we want to build a good brand for our business, we just want to make sure that the content we post on our Instagram feed comes with high quality. 

It can take a lot of things to prepare this kind of content after all. 

It will be fun to post behind the scenes content on Instagram stories. It will help us to engage with our audience without having to create high-quality content at all. 

Remember, our Instagram stories will be deleted in 24 hours.

Experiment for Business Branding

We usually do not want to experiment too much with our Instagram feed content because we need to keep it at high quality. 

An Instagram feed with a specific theme can attract the audience's attention better. 

However, we can feel free to make an experiment with our Instagram stories. 

Various types of content can be tried from photo to live video. 

We might find that business branding will never be this free if there is no Instagram story.

Collaboration for Business Branding

Collaboration has become a big thing for business marketing nowadays. 

When we have a collaboration project with other parties, we can tag other accounts on our Instagram stories. 

It will bring benefits for both parties of collaborators for sure.

Fun Business Branding

We have to be very serious with our Instagram feed content but we can completely have fun with our Instagram stories. 

We have so many opportunities for having fun with our Instagram stories. 

We can have fun editing images on the go with stickers, texts, and even face filters.

Story Search for Business Branding

Our Instagram stories can be discovered much more easily by our audience if we use hashtags as well as locations. 

We must not forget these two important things when posting Instagram stories. 

With the ease of making story searches through the locations and hashtags, we will find a better result for our business branding. 

Let’s have fun when branding our business on Instagram stories.