Important Roles of Project Management Plan in A Business


IDNBC.COM - Generally, a project management plan is filled with explanations about how plans and decisions of a project will be carried out. Simply, the content of a project management plan is what, why, who, when, and how. Project management plans are considered as a living document, which means that if there are any changes to the project plan when the project is running, then the project management plan should also be changed or updated. 

So, why is a project management plan is essential for a company? This article will discuss the important roles of project management plan.

Project management plans should be considered as a helpful tool for a company to effectively and efficiently run projects. 

However, this plan cannot automatically guarantee the success of a project. A project management plan can be a powerful and important tool if a company or business knows how to use and apply it.

Important Roles of Project Management Plan: The Making Process

A project management plan is usually made by a project manager. 

Then, it will be signed by a key stakeholder and become a basic plan of a project. 

If there are any changes, then those changes will be formally included in the change control and will be a comparison material between project actual and project baseline. 

Once the project manager has finished the project management plan document, then a kick-off meeting will be held in order to formally start the project.

The purpose of the kick-off meeting is to tell the stakeholders that the project will be formally carried out as well as give them illustrations about activities will be performed. 

Whether it is a small project or big project, making a project management plan is a must.

Important Roles of Project Management Plan: The Making Basics

There are 2 techniques used to make or develop a project management plan; expert judgement and facilitation techniques. 

There are also several basics in making project management plans that you must consider. 

The first is a project charter that is used as a starting point for initial planning in the initiating process group. 

The second is output from other processes. 

All of the baselines and subsidiary plans which become output in other project management plans will be input to this process.

The third is enterprise environmental factors. 

It is industry or government standards, project management information system, organization structures, cultures, management practices, infrastructure, and personnel administration. 

The last is organizational process assets. 

It can be standardized guidelines, work instructions, change control procedures, template project management plans, project files from other projects, and so on.

From the explanation above, it can be said that a project management plan is a guide to run a project. 

So, you know the important roles of project management plan. 

Generally, the purpose of project management plans is to help the project carried out to reach the goals targeted by the company.

Those are the important roles of project management plan in carrying out a project. 

If you want to hold a project in your business, this plan is a must.