How to Use Instagram for Small Business


IDNBC.COM - It seems that everyone has an Instagram account nowadays. Of course, using Instagram daily is pretty common as well. Because many people use this social media platform, it means that Instagram can be useful for our business.

For a small business with a small marketing budget, using Instagram is a must. 

To make sure that we can get the most benefits of Instagram for small business, here are several things to do.

Understand the Right Way to Use Instagram for Small Business

It is always a good idea for connecting the social media accounts of our company especially if we already have strong followers. 

It will be useful for pushing the followers of other social media platforms to our Instagram account after all. 

By connecting the social media accounts, it will be easier for posting to all of the accounts at once. 

It is also important to add the necessary information to our profile. 

It will include the website address as well as the bio that explains the company simply. 

In the bio, we can also add additional contact information.

Use Stories on Instagram for Small Business

Some people might not quite understand the function of the Instagram stories because the video or pictures posted on Instagram stories will disappear after 24 hours. 

That is why many of us do not use this often. We must not forget to use stories if we want to utilize Instagram for small business properly. 

We can be creative with the Instagram stories and we will find great benefits for our small business marketing. 

If we are not sure about what to do with the Instagram stories, we can try to copy the formula used by other companies.

Monitor Things that are working on Instagram for Small Business

We often have questions about the type of Instagram posts that can reach the most engagement. 

We might also be wondering about the hashtag with the best performance for our post. 

How can we know about them? We can use help from Instagram reporting tools after all. 

It will be useful for helping us monitor the formula that is working on our Instagram posts. 

We can get the data that can be used for finding the content ideas which are suitable the most to our audience. 

This way, we will be able to improve our Instagram posts in the future.

Monitor Comments on Instagram for Small Business

We often just post on Instagram and that is it. Many people do the same thing. 

However, it is necessary to spare time for monitoring the comments on every Instagram post we make. 

Of course, it will not be easy at all to respond to all of the comments on our Instagram posts but it is important for building engagement on our Instagram account. 

To make this thing easier, we can use the app which helps us monitor and even respond to all of our Instagram accounts as well as other social media accounts we manage. 

Let's make sure that we use Instagram for small business in the best way.